Building Automation System & Controls

Modernization of Building Automation Systems (BAS) is one of the most significant elements of the Atuttiarniq program. Not only will new and upgraded BAS allow for better control and monitoring of a building's heating, ventilation, lighting, and other energy-consuming systems, but each system will be remotely accessible for easy trouble-shooting and fast, effective response to changes in the building. Having a modern, standardized approach to Building Automation enables optimization of building systems through energy conservation strategies related to control schedules, temperature set points, and new HVAC system routines. These strategies are transparent to operators and effective for maintaining - or improving - space conditions in the buildings, all while saving energy and operating costs by turning off equipment when systems are not required.

Controls Recommissioning

New Building Automation System Installation

Parking Receptacle Control

Programmable Thermostats

Remote Monitoring