About Atuttiarniq: Uqurmiut

Atuttiarniq work has been in progress across South Baffin since Winter 2020. Atuttiarniq: Uqurmiut is a $24M project co-funded by the Federal Government’s Low Carbon Economy Fund. It includes 44 government buildings spread out across 6 coastal communities and focuses on both energy conservation and clean, renewable energy generation. $18M within Atuttiarniq: Uqurmiut is dedicated to energy conservation in buildings. Reducing the energy consumption in the government buildings across the Region is expected to generate over 2,000 tonnes eCO2 in annual Greenhouse Gas emissions, and reduce energy costs by over $2M. It also allows the government to be strategic with investment in building-level renewable energy systems that are ‘right-sized’ for lower building energy needs.

2,000 Tonnes eCO2

Annual GHG emissions reductions (Tonnes of Equivalent Carbon Dioxide).

$1.6 Million

Annual energy cost savings.

$23 Million

Total project investment.

Community Map

Visit any of the following locations on the map to see more information about Atuttiarniq activity in each community.

Support from the Low Carbon Energy Fund

Atuttiarniq: Uqurmiut is 75%-funded by the Government of Canada’s Low Carbon Economy Fund (LCEF). The LCEF supports climate change mitigation and clean energy projects all over Canada. In Qikiqtaaluk, LCEF funds are supporting a wide array of Energy Efficiency Solutions in government buildings, and several building-mounted Solar Photovoltaic systems that will create approximately 1,000 kW of zero-carbon electricity generation in Uqurmiut communities.

Atuttiarniq Uqurmiut Business Opportunities

Supply, Installation, and Specialized Consulting opportunities are available as part of Atuttiarniq. Click on any of the following Opportunity Links to Register and access procurement documents on NunavutTenders.ca.