Conserving Energy, Improving Communities.

The Atuttiarniq program aims to reduce Nunavut’s Greenhouse Gas emissions and energy costs in government buildings across the Territory. Much like its namesake – the Inuit concept of usage without creating waste – this program works to minimize energy waste in buildings, and to ensure that the buildings perform as intended by renewing infrastructure and investing in smarter, more efficient systems. Atuttiarniq is a component of the Government of Nunavut’s energy strategy, “Ikummatiit”. Learn more about Atuttiarniq implementation across Nunavut through the ‘Projects’ section.

About Atuttiarniq

Atuttiarniq is an ongoing energy efficiency program being undertaken across the Government of Nunavut’s existing buildings.

With increased energy efficiency comes many added benefits: lower energy costs, improved building conditions, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. The up-front costs of implementing building energy efficiency upgrades that achieve these benefits are paid for from the future energy savings they generate over time.

Atuttiarniq work primarily includes retrofits to existing building lighting, heating systems, water fixtures, electrical systems, and any other building renovation work that helps save energy. Additionally, Atuttiarniq helps make these government buildings smarter through the implementation of technology that enables real-time energy performance monitoring and remote operational access. This allows for fast troubleshooting and actions that keep buildings operating as efficiently as possible without operators needing to be in the buildings themselves – a significant benefit, since many of the buildings operated by the government are spread out across Nunavut’s isolated communities.

Atuttiarniq also includes installing renewable energy systems such as solar thermal and electrical generation at select government buildings - further helping to reduce Nunavut’s dependence on the expensive, imported, and high-carbon fuel oil used by the buildings for space and water heating, and in Nunavut’s community power plants.

4,200 Tonnes eCO2

Annual GHG emissions reductions. (Tonnes of Equivalent Carbon Dioxide.)

$5.2 Million

Annual energy cost savings.

$62 Million

Total Atuttiarniq program investment.

Project and Region Map

Locations highlighted on this map feature Atuttiarniq projects that are either currently in progress, recently completed, or coming soon. Click on individual regions to find out more.

Energy Solutions

Energy efficiency solutions delivered through Atuttiarniq focus on thermal and electrical energy conservation and demand reduction in order to reduce consumption of expensive, high-carbon imported fuel oil. Buildings are made more energy-efficient by renewing core building infrastructure and implementing systems that allow for ‘smarter’ building energy management – ultimately reducing the building’s heating fuel, electricity, and water demands. These smaller loads are then met by a mix of existing utilities infrastructure and new renewable energy generation systems being implemented in select facilities. Building systems subject to improvements through Atuttiarniq are detailed below.

Building Automation System & Controls

Building Envelope Upgrades

Water Conservation



Renewable Solar Energy


Background and Commercial Information

About Atuttiarniq